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Graphic/web designers, artists, web standards experts: we're all, in our own way, on an endless search for what is "just right." Always hungry to learn more, to reach higher. Join me as I explore, share, and teach what I discover on my own journey — immersing myself in rich colors, CSS experiments, client projects, and brilliant work by others — as I reach higher, too.

A couple of years ago I created a lighthouse as part of an illustrated header for a web site. However, the illustration didn't get approved by the client. It was one of the first projects I shared a screenshot of on dribbble. Today I'll show you how to draw this lighthouse scenery in

It’s always great when you’re involved in the design of a project from the very beginning, and you can design everything from A till Z. Especially if you share the same passion about the project as the client. In this case: coffee, and riding your bike! Today I would like to share my experience on…

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