Smart Bike Lights are Scammers

Since November it has been a frustrated experience with many email exchanges with always the same outcome. April Rose C., Customer Service Specialist telling us in various forms to bear with them a little longer due to Covid, shipping, manufacturing etc. All lies and no direct answers to questions how long it will exactly take. They ignore the real issue and are ignoring the demand to get a refund. I kept mailing and finally I got an email from Nicholas B., the Customer Relations & Business Development Manager that said the following:

I am very sorry for the late response. This is something that we don’t want our customers to experience. However, due to compounded logistics issues, demand, and the component shortage has taken their toll. Without going into further detail and providing you with further excuses, we can confirm that orders will be shipped within 3 weeks. If not, we will refund, and then subsequently ship your order free of charge.

Please consider this as a way for us to make it right with you, especially considering that you have undertaken business with us before. We promise that there will be no further excuses from now on and that the result of this will be worthwhile for all of us. If you still disagree with this, please let us know, although we are hopeful you will accept.

That's when I thought finally progress. Honestly I should have known that these are more empty promises and finally silence. They publish exceptional 5 stars reviews from Trustpilot on their website but you don't have to look deep to find many people like me.

Update on 20/10/2022 : They removed Trustpilot from their website. I wonder why.

Things obviously went sideways since November. They delete comments on Instagram below their advertising if you tell your story about not shipping. They even block you if you keep repeating it. Be careful! 

Their shop runs on Shopify, but that company doesn't do anything to help. They claim that they can't do anything about it but that translate as 'we don't care about your money as long as we keep receiving ours'. 

The lights are very good, probably the best I've owned. However since they keep advertising on Instagram with things like "like 40,000+ Customers cannot be wrong!" I want to make sure people find out the truth about these people and avoid buying anything from Smart Bike Lights. They are obviously scammers with no respect for their customers.

and avoid SMART BIKE LIGHTS at all costs!