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Tree Grove Study

This looks great thanks to such a nice composition. I also admire the use of textures here especially in the sun.

 — via Matt Carlson

Cabins- Taschen II

What I especially love about these illustrations from Marie-laure Cruschi is that there isn’t a roundness to be found, so everything has sharp edges but she still manages to keep it all elegant.

 — via Cruschiform

Cabins- Taschen

The blocky geometric shapes and flat colors are joyful and confident.

 — via Cruschiform

Ustaria Posta

I love the Dolomites. One of the nicest places in the world, especially through the lens of Ashley and Jered Gruber. Taken at the Giro d’Italia.

 — via Gruber Images

Harold Arlen

CD cover for a collection of songs written by Harold Arlen, Milan Records, France.

 — via Paul Rogers

Five Guys Named Moe

Poster for musical revue “Five Guys Named Moe” Arena Stage Washington DC.

 — via Paul Rogers

Drink by the Pool

Lovely scene with a basic city skyline in the back.

 — via Paulius

4th Annual AAFOpen Mini Golf Tournament Poster

Poster for the 4th Annual AAFOpen Mini Golf Tournament.

 — via Sean Heisler

Budget Party Ideas - Summer in the City

Bold geometric shapes, bright colors, and voluptuous vacationing characters are giving this illustration a whimsical and sultry personality.

 — via grain edit


Very cool illustrations for H’University. Loving the ripped pants and sport shoes, it has a certain coolness to it.

 — via H’University

Weekend edit

Speaking of Summer, here’s a shot to get some wanderlust. A fine example of some clever post processing.

 — via Dust Jacket

Summer evenings

Beautiful shot to represent the best time of the year where one can enjoy those lovely long summer evenings. Best ones are on the beach of course.

 — via Greg Storey


The Deck

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