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Ponderosa 2016

Not just because there’s a bicycle in it :)

 — via Mads Berg

An Afternoon at Miticocha

Well worth a 2 hour round-trip hike I would say if you get to see scenery like this.

 — via Zolashine

Wanderlust Alphabet #D

The fourth instalment in the Wanderlust alphabet that Jack Daly is creating. This time the ‘D’ stands for Dublin.

 — via Jack Daly

Girl on the go

Such a wonderful scene!

 — via Steve Scott

SHOP magazine Austria Spring/Summer 2016

Cover illustration for Spring edition of SHOP magazine Austria.

 — via Andrew Lyons

Wanderlust Alphabet #C

The third instalment in the Wanderlust alphabet that Jack Daly is creating. This time I believe the ‘C’ stands for Copenhagen.

 — via Jack Daly

The Westfjords

Some serious cloud porn and light. Fire in sky!

 — via Conor MacNeill

Year In Ideas 2014 feature Illustrations

Another color combo that works wonderfully well together.

 — via Vesa Sammalisto

Shop Magazine - Eye Blue

The colors and the half-tone effect are the items that made me pick this one.

 — via Jimmy Turell

Protected trees

Some inspiring choices of shapes and lines.

 — via Aleksandar Savić

Cinque Terre

Great color scheme!

 — via Bailey Sullivan


Illustration which takes on curiosity and exploration of different tastes and flavours.

 — via Aleksandar Savić


The Deck

Ads via The Deck