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Taco Friday

Great for studying the texture and patterns usage.

 — via Scotty Reifsnyder

Summer Night

Great job on the lighting with using white as light source of the moon I assume.

 — via Nutsa Avaliani

Testing Crew

Nice editorial image. The line drawings in the back are clever.

 — via Jones & Co

Banking poster

So much greatness in this.

 — via Jones & Co

Playa Game

All the plants are so nicely executed. Also loving the female running and how the waves are drawn.

 — via xoana herrera

Stanford Medical Wellness

Beautiful Pallet! Great textures too.

 — via Chris Silas Neal

I See You

The little details that make this shine are the eyes that see in the binocular.

 — via Matt Blease

Horse Vespa

Love this subtly absurd and boldly colored illustration.

 — via John

Hearts in Atlantis

Inspired by the film of Stephen King’s best seller with the same name. Nice detail that the hat is found on the heart.


Ebola Crisis

A warm atmosphere in this illustration. Great patterns on the dresses and brilliant colors that suit the mood.

 — via Owen Davey

The Night Ocean

What a great book cover! Brilliant usage of lines that translate the title so well.

 — via Publishers Weekly

Can’t Hide, Kampina

Very nice capture! A scenery that I always hope to encounter too when I’m out on the bicycle.

 — via Robert Paul Jansen