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Novum Gebrauchgraphik

Beautiful vintage. Asmund Sand cover for Novum 1989.

 — via Torso Vertical

Citybass Undertone

Fits so well together.

 — via Common Ground

London, The Weekends Start Here

London, The Weekends Start Here (published by Virgin Books).

 — via David Doran

Spider Reader

Imagine a story.

 — via Torso Vertical

Morning Gold

Those early morning rides with this kind of scenery are a treasure.

 — via Our Beautiful World

The Walrus

Love the shadows of the sun protection.

 — via Jeannie Phan



 — via DKNG

The New Republic

Mindfulness mantras are the latest tool of corporate control: on the downfall of the pressures in finding meaning in the workplace.

 — via Jeannie Phan

Device addict

Love the cord jiggle!

 — via Made by Radio

W|Design for life

Beautiful poster created from a selection of shapes.

 — via Maria Papaefstathiou

Desert - End

This color exploration is really inspiring.

 — via Marko Stupic

Cover design for issue 3 of Pitchfork’s printed quarterly

Love these illustrations where you have to look and discover.

 — via bldgwlf


The Deck

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