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Hi, I'm Veerle! Explore my design tutorials to gain valuable insights and resources that have shaped my own (web) design journey. Discover the fascinating design processes behind my projects to ignite your creativity. Get inspired by my curated graphics collection, and delve into my sidenotes on nature, renewables, energy transition, music, and cycling. Let's embark on a journey of growth and creativity together!

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June 10 2024

Lemmo One

When searching for an aesthetically pleasing electric bicycle, there are numerous options to consider. For example, the Belgian Cowboy and the Amsterdam-based VanMoof. VanMoof, which filed for bankruptcy on July 17, 2023, is now owned by e-scooter brand Lavoie. They have relaunched the brand, retaining its original name. Another noteworthy option is from Light Electric Micro Mobility (LEMMO), a company I recently discovered after their bike won a Red Dot Award in the "Best of the Best" category.