Electric vehicles are transforming the automotive landscape by offering sustainable, efficient, and emission-free transportation options.

June 14 2023

Volvo EX30

I don't prefer SUV's, but I do like smaller cars, especially EV's. While VW pledged the ID2 (4,05 meter), it will take several years for that car to arrive. However, the recently unveiled fully electric Volvo EX30 (4,25 meter) in Milan last week fits the bill.

Volvo EX30

It boasts Volvo's expected safety features and holds the record for the smallest CO2 footprint among all Volvo cars so far. I can't deny my admiration for Scandinavian design. The EX30 captures Volvo's design essence in a compact package. A balanced and refined exterior is achieved through a lengthy wheelbase, ample wheels, and symmetrical overhangs. Its electric nature is evident in the self-assured front, enclosed grille, and digitally rendered trademark Thor's Hammer headlights.

With five lively exterior hues, like trendy Cloud Blue and vibrant Moss Yellow (inspired by coastal lichen growth in Sweden), it exudes character and individuality If you missed the Milan unboxing, watch it below.

There's no one-size-fits-all battery for powertrains. With the EX30, they offer three powertrain options and two battery types, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your needs. This approach allows them to provide an attractive entry price (around EUR 36.000) for the EX30. Regrettably, the starting price in Belgium is EUR 38,900. That model has a single-motor option with an LFP battery.

We know that price and cost of ownership is still one of the biggest challenges when people consider switching to an electric car.

- Jim Rowan, chief executive Volvo

I love that the EX30 offers five ambient lighting themes, each inspired by a unique Scandinavian landscape. These themes subtly shift in color, creating a serene atmosphere inside the car.

You can choose from the warm sunlight filtering through forest leaves, a sunset on the Swedish west coast, the mesmerizing northern lights, the golden summer skies of Swedish midsummer, or the vibrant ambiance of an urban sunset. To enhance the experience, you can even pair each lighting theme with a matching ambient soundscape.

Volvo EX30

The EX30 is a viable choice for me when my Polestar 2 lease is ending. I aim to downsize anyway and maybe take it even a step further by opting for car-sharing, such as BattMobility. After all, a car remains stationary 90% of the time. While an ideal scenario would be to pick one up when I need one, unfortunately, options like these are currently unavailable in my area. Early adopters are always like that 😊