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June 20 2023

Hydrogen Sea - Candy

No, this isn't a part of the 'hopium' hype campaign of Hydrogen but new music from my own soil, Belgium. Prepare for a refreshing musical treat from PJ Seaux and Birsen Uçar, as Hydrogen Sea unveils their latest single. Aptly titled "Candy", this song offers a delicious addictive glimpse into their forthcoming fall album. Mark your calendars for two exciting performances: November 22 at AB and November 30 at Paradiso, where they'll showcase their new material. 

Tickets are already on sale.

"Candy" features Birsen Uçar's enchanting vocals, accompanied by lively drums, guitar, and percussion. The song is an uplifting homage to the sweet sources of joy and comfort in our lives. While embracing a carefree and cheerful ambiance, the talented duo from Brussels doesn't shy away from acknowledging the thrilling unrest beneath the surface. Collaborating with producer Luuk Cox, they effortlessly capture a lush and dynamic sound in "Candy," infusing it with a sun-soaked and happiness essence that sets the stage for a delightful start to the summer season. This little taste makes me look forward to the rest of the album.

Hydrogen Sea - Candy