EV Electric vehicles are transforming the automotive landscape by offering sustainable, efficient, and emission-free transportation options.

September 19 2023


This adorable electric scooter pays homage to the Honda Motocompo fuel-powered scooters from the 1980s. When fully folded, it resembles a suitcase, making it convenient to stow in your car's trunk or take it on public transit. Weighing in at 18.7kg/41.3lbs, it's light enough to lift comfortably, aligning perfectly with the demands of modern urban mobility.

With a top speed of 24km/h/15mph, a maximum range of 19.3km/12 miles, and a peak output of 490 watts, it possesses ample power to serve as a first- and last-mile solution, designed to meet the evolving needs of urban mobility. Honda says it reaches it topspeed in 7 seconds. Its suitcase-like shape also provides an ideal canvas for stickers, decals, and custom logos, guaranteed to turn heads!


Fits Any You, Any Where.

No word if the Motocompacto will be launched in Europe. All I could find is that it will be available in the US for $995 in November via selected Honda dealers. Make sure to take a look at the animation demonstrating how everything folds together. It's truly delightful!