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Not on the easiest site but it's so interesting I want it shared anyway. Especially since the creative process and material is being discussed among others.

Dieter Rams Designed one of Gillette's Most Successful Razors

Great piece about Dieter Rams, best known for the products he created at Braun. Overall great reminder of timeless design principles.

Felons Brewing Co

Beautiful branding and packaging design for this Brisbane, Australia based microbrewery. Love the color palette, subtle patterns and label illustration. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see it all.

How to Make Great Isometric Illustrations by the Simplest Way

The most effective tools for working with isometric illustrations and secrets how to make illustrations much better. There's a coupon at the end to follow his course for free. You only need to signup to Udemy.

How to Make a Carbon Fiber Pattern in Illustrator

In the following steps, you will learn how to create a carbon fiber pattern in Illustrator, setting up a grid and using basic tools and blending techniques along with a set of blends etc.

Cidre du Québec Logo Redesign

Simple beautiful label logo. Love the playful graphics and bright color palette in this rebranding design. Make sure to check out the animation, business cards, posters and tote bags.

Screenfonts#4: Seeing More

The fourth ScreenFonts episode by Yves Peters is up. Always a fun exercise dissecting the graphic design of those movie poster designs and discovering all the typography secrets.

How to Make a Herringbone Pattern in Illustrator

Patterns are such a nice asset in design box. In this tutorial Monika Zagrobelna shows you how to create a herringbone pattern, how to make it seamless, and how to save it as an Illustrator pattern.

Canary Logo Design

Beautiful brand identity design for this Calgary based zero-waste retail market and refillery. Love the charming bird icon created in this single one weight stroke style, the serf typeface used, and the overall inviting style.

Design Critiques at Figma

In this article Design Manager Noah Levin, shares how they use critiques at Figma, and how they worked together as a team to turn them into meetings they all enjoy, rather than fear.

How to Make an Illustrator Chevron Pattern

In this tutorial you'll learn to make a seamless chevron pattern. The process is pretty straightforward, and after you try it once, you'll fully understand how to create a repeating pattern in Illustrator.

Wind Logo Redesign

Beautiful rebranding for Wind Mobility, a “micro-mobility share company” who recently unveiled its third-generation scooter. Love the way the logo is placed on the scooter. I'm sure its vibrant look wil be noticeable on the streets.