Record Label Logos

I always love browsing around old logos. This post from Reagan Ray was quite the task to put together as there are in the thousands record label logos. What was left is a curated selection of the cream of the crop

How to Draw Isometric Art in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to draw isometric vector characters without the use of an isometric grid

MuFo Logo Design

Beautiful logo design for the Museum of the History of Photography in Krakow, Poland. Love the overall concept, and how the eye expands into a series of different eye and camera abstractions

Airline Logos

One aria that I always been fascinated by is airline logos, especially the Mid-century airline vibes. This article has a pretty great overview of the classic logos of now-defunct airlines + others.

Create a Cityscape in Adobe Illustrator

This is without a doubt the longest tutorial that I have ever written. As always I explain everything in detail so it is easy to follow, even if you are just a beginner.

Hussle Logo Design

New name and logo identity design for this online, mobile fitness marketplace. Love the bold look, colors and movement in the logo icon shown in the animation.

2019 Logo Trend Report

A yearly regular in the newsletter. This year’s trends continue to show curious design styles such as gradients that are continuing to evolve in new ways. Enjoy the dive :)

National Park Typeface

A typeface designed to mimic the National Park service signs. It's nice but if you use it in full text it needs some kerning improvements. Better for badges with short text. Free download or donate what you like.

NOYO New Logo & Identity

Love the colorful energetic patterns of UK's National Open Youth Orchestra's new identity and how they're applied. Great way to get the kids involved in the design process.

TypeMedia 2018

Every year I look forward to the student thesis typefaces from TypeMedia’s master program, and every year they are wonderful! Check out the outcomes and process of each student's thesis project on this site.

How to Make Isometric Art Food Icons in Adobe Illustrator

You will learn how to create a minimal set of isometric food icons. If you are new to isometric drawing then this tutorial is for you because you will learn how to create your own isometric grid, and the icons are made using only basic shapes.

Toyota Logo & Identity Update

Bye bye metal badge (finally! I'd say), and hello new typeface which brings a strong consistent brand voice across all their communications. Check out the brand guidelines microsite. The way they apply the new logo is inspiring.