The Best and Worst Identities of 2018, Part 6: The Best Friday Likes

The last portion of these series for us logo fans. Part 6 is about funnest, coolest, graphic-iest projects. Part 7 are the Click-bait-iest Linked.

Mastercard Reveals New Nameless Logo Courtesy of Michael Bierut

Speaking about logos, Mastercard revealed their new logo that goes wordless. Logo-lovers can feast their eyes on the design process image.

Designers Talk: How to Be Unique in 2019?

How do you stay unique with your designs, when so many people are affected by the same visual trends, repetitive imagery on Pinterest & stocks, or just copy each other?

Minimal Lines, Maximum Impact

Adam Goldberg creates minimal illustrations titled FAÜNA & FLÖRA and has been featured in my inspiration stream. Adobe Create magazine interviewed him recently. Give it a read.

How To Create an Isometric Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create a vibrant piece of vector artwork featuring three dimensional type from an isometric viewpoint.

How I started Motion Design using High-school Physics

A break down of how this animation of a guy riding a motorbike is created by using physics. All with practical examples how everything is constructed.

Colorful Pattern Masking in Illustrator

Ever wondered how you can mask a colorful pattern into letter shapes, while keeping the text editable? You'll do great as I explain it in detail in this tutorial.

The Youtube Redesign That Got Me Hired

An interesting case study of a YouTube redesign that landed Pramiti R Khan a job.