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Rise of the Robots

Beware of the rise of the robots. They are very fashionable.

 — via Sam Chivers

Guardian Live

The background texture is pretty inspiring. The coat on the lady as well.

 — via Adam Avery

Vernazza, Italy

Beautiful late evening scene in Vernazza, Italy.

 — via Anders Jildén


The struggles of a designer :)

 — via Maus Bullhorst


I always love to examine how illustrators create super cool characters.

 — via Jones & Co


Great color palette used here and nice dark mystery vibe.

 — via Muti


Very inspiring that the landscape mainly is created by geometric lines.

 — via Brett King

Claro Musica

Always fun to see those fantasy creatures.

 — via Jorsh Peña

Seek Magazine

Backcover illustration for the launch issue of Seek Magazine, Rockefeller University’s scientific publication.

 — via Aleksandar Savić

Wooden Chalets in the Snow

What a scene!

 — via Morgan Phillips


Minimum amount of lines and shadows and still such beautiful silhouettes.

 — via Studio Posti

Gucci  FW16

Great combination between ‘real’ and a organic background.

 — via Jack Hughes