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Firewatch Game

Great illustration with the classic Firewatch game palette. Available as a wallpaper for multiple devices.

 — via Campo Santo

Texas State of Mind

Pretty stoked about this color pallet.

 — via Steve Wolf

Historic sites Mars

This poster depicts a future in which humans have settled the Red Planet long ago, and are running historic tours.

 — via Gizmodo

Golden Age of Space Tourism

Gorgeous space travel posters with a retro feel. This “Grand Tour” one is a callback to the Voyager missions of the 1970s and 80s.

 — via Gizmodo


Lovely illustration, especially when you are a Star Wars fan.

 — via Tim Hobday

South Bank Tower

Beautiful perspective.

 — via Tom Haugomat

Norme & Tributi MESE - Il Sole 24 Ore II

Playing with negative space.

 — via Ray Oranges

Happy 2016

Have a wonderful year beautiful visitors. Come again :)

 — via Duoh!


Concept & execution is A ok.

 — via Steve Wolf

Norme & Tributi MESE - Il Sole 24 Ore

Wonderful work!

 — via Ray Oranges

Modus Magazine II

Cover and featured illustrations inside for Modus Magazine.

 — via Ray Oranges

A Cape Dutch Farmhouse In South Africa

Great light!

 — via The Style Files


The Deck

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