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Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas II

Here’s another one from the Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas. They are so good!

 — via James Gilleard

Lonely Planet Dinosaur Atlas

These dinosaurs are just fabulous. Love everything about it.

 — via James Gilleard


Beautiful shades. Now, I want to go to the beach!

 — via Nutsa Avaliani

Laguna Beach, California

SoCal ❤️. Beautiful reflections and those colors are so divine.

 — via Earth

Clio Awards x We Transfer

So many little details to admire in this one.

 — via Owen Gatley

Herbie Hancock Austin City Limits Poster

New work from DKNG for Herbie Hancock.

 — via DKNG

Finhautemosson Dam

My friends Ashley & Jered really get to ride their bicycles on the most beautiful places on this earth. This here is the Finhautemosson Dam in France.

 — via Jered Gruber

Bakken and Baeck

Not an ordinary color palette.

 — via Owen Gatley

Times Education Supplement

The wood structure is great.

 — via Mitch Blunt

Sometimes you might run into horrible things

Sometimes you might run into horrible things.

 — via Sami Viljanto

Cowboy Dog

Just lovely how the dog is the cowboy here.

 — via Joe Todd-Stanton

Wisconsin farms

Great summer cover illustration

 — via Kali Ciesemier