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Nurture your creativity! Please sit back and soak in all the design goodness I discover as I explore print & web design, photography, art, type, and more. Updated frequently, this rich resource reflects my true nature: I'm a color-lover at heart. Follow The Inspiration Stream via RSS

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Filtro | Festival de artes acuáticas

Presentation, typography and strong colors it’s all working beautifully.

 — via Lara Grinspun

Trouwuitnodiging - Lien

Combining vibrant colors is always tricky. This wedding invitation pulls it off.

 — via Lien Geeroms

MilkUp! - Packing

Great use of a beautiful color palette. Love the playfulness also.

 — via Raphael Iglesias


That’s one way to solve the drawing faces is hard :) Uniqueness as a result.

 — via Jaroslaw Danilenko

Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau

Part of five motion graphics clips for the Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau project. Go see the animations.

 — via Multiple Owners

Summertime - Oriol

The structure, textures and painterly effect is what made me examine this one in more detail.

 — via Oriol Vidal

Pink Garden

Great nature frame and tone!

 — via Tiger Seo

Sandbox to launch and test ideas on blockchain

Thumbs up for the character design.

 — via zara magumyan

Belgian Red Devils

That B. All of it. Brilliant!

 — via Trey Ingram

Kittel Coffee

I admire the colors and the simplicity of the shapes.

 — via Timo Kuilder

Fuel Your Adventure

Great details on the wagon.

 — via Andrew Berkemeyer

Up up & Away

I like the composition and the atmosphere.

 — via Marly Gallardo