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July 11 2023

Tycho - Time to Run

Scott Hansen, also known as Tycho, is an artist I've been a fan of for quite some time, and I regularly enjoy his music while working. Recently, he resurfaced with a refreshing new piece titled "Time to Run."

Tycho - Time to Run

This particular track represents Tycho's first original release in a couple of years, apart from his noteworthy collaboration with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. In this latest creation, Tycho ventures into new artistic territory by embracing a band approach, while remaining faithful to his fundamental artistic principles.

"Time to Run" features Zak Brown on the guitar and Kaelin Ellis on drum. Tycho embarks on a new rhythmic direction, while maintaining his distinctive atmospheric synthwork, resulting in a more uplifting journey than his well-known sound. The mixing contributions of Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear add an enchanting touch.

In a statement, Tycho shared his profound connection between music and meditation, which has been a constant presence in his life and served as inspiration for the song. He reflected on his past as a competitive runner and how he would mentally replay loops of songs to manage the stress of races, focusing on rhythmic elements to find a sense of calm and maintain his pace. Tycho expressed that running has provided him with a unique form of clarity, a deeply human experience that fosters a profound connection between the mind, body, and nature. With "Time to Run," he endeavors to translate these ideas into musical expression.

My goal was to approach the composition from a new angle and let the rhythmic elements take the lead. I cast the melodic elements that have come to define the Tycho sound in a new light by juxtaposing them against a new foundation that takes cues from funk music.

- Scott Hansen aka Tycho

Accompanying the release of the track is a captivating music video directed by Patrick Elmore, which beautifully weaves together the overarching theme of running with a nostalgic energy. The video captures the excitement of spectators, the guidance of coaches, and the watchful eyes of officials as the runners gather at the starting line. As the race begins, the runners disappear into the surrounding woods, symbolizing their escape from the pressures and physical exertion of the moment. Despite the intense strain, the music carries them forward, fueling their relentless drive to keep running without looking back. Ultimately, the storyline of the video encourages viewers to liberate themselves from the burdens imposed by others, inspiring a sense of serenity and fulfillment. This message is embodied by the subject of the video diving into a refreshing natural pool of water, symbolizing a moment of liberation and tranquility.