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June 10 2024

Lemmo One

When searching for an aesthetically pleasing electric bicycle, there are numerous options to consider. For example, the Belgian Cowboy and the Amsterdam-based VanMoof. VanMoof, which filed for bankruptcy on July 17, 2023, is now owned by e-scooter brand Lavoie. They have relaunched the brand, retaining its original name. Another noteworthy option is from Light Electric Micro Mobility (LEMMO), a company I recently discovered after their bike won a Red Dot Award in the "Best of the Best" category.

Lemmo One

Lemmo OneMk2

The bicycle, called the Lemmo One, is described as an "All Urban Terrain E+Bike." A few clever features immediately caught my eye in its design. The first noteworthy feature is that the front light is removable, allowing it to double as a pocket lamp. The front light also charges when in bike mode. That's not all;


The Lemmo One is a lightweight bicycle, weighing just 15kg without the battery pack. The battery pack, known as the “Smartpac” weighs 3kg and boasts 531Wh. It offers 65W USB A&C output charging and takes 3.5 hours to fully charge. The Smartpac integrates the battery, IoT motor controller, and can also function as a power bank for your devices. With built-in GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, and support for "Apple Find My”, it enhances connectivity. LEMMO also implies that the Smartpac has “upgradable smart tech” so this means over-the-air updates are possible. According to LEMMO, the detachable Smartpac is environmentally beneficial, as the bike itself can last 10 to 15 years while the technology evolves every 5 years. However, this consideration only partly applies to the Smartpac, as the rear wheel's Dual Mode Hub is still integral to the bike. There’s also a ‘Smartpac E-lock’ so that it can’t be stolen. The removable protective cloth cover that holds it can be colour customized to suit your style.

Phone Holder

The second clever part is integrated so well that you wouldn't notice if you don’t know that it is there. The universal phone holder is neatly and seamlessly integrated into the stem. There is no special phone case required and it is compatible with most phones.

Dual Mode Hub

Maybe the most clever aspect of this bicycle is the fact that you can make it a regular bicycle with just a pull and turn of the Patented dual-clutch structure. If you do that you get resistance free pedalling. The motor itself is 250W and is apparently very silent with 40Nm of peak torque. There’s also intuitive power boost thanks to the torque sensor. Apparently there's now also an upgraded version of the motor that delivers 56Nm of peak torque. To prevent theft the rear hub motor comes with a hub E-lock that blocks the wheel from turning.

Turbo Trekker

The upgraded motor is featured in a robust version of the Lemmo, known as the "Turbo Trekker." This motor can be adjusted to the US speed standard of 32 km/h. In addition to the upgraded motor, the Turbo Trekker is equipped with a gravel fork suspension from SRAM, the "RockShox XPLR," which offers 40mm of travel, a full range of adjustments, and a solid lockout. It also includes a reinforced rear rack designed for bike packing, capable of carrying 2x 12kg loads. This bike features a stealth suspension seat system, contributing to its increased weight. Without the Smartpack, it weighs 18.5kg, and with the battery, it comes at 21.5kg—still relatively lightweight. The tires are 45mm Continental Terra Trail.

Custom Gravel Lemmo One

Custom Gravel Lemmo One

The regular version of the LEMMO One has a range of approximately ±100 km. I would expect the range to be a bit less with the heavier Turbo Trekker, though I haven't tested it.

Drive Train

Both versions of the LEMMO One have two options for the drive train. When opt to ride on diverse terrain you go for the Shimano Deore 10-speed derailleur (11-42T) with single front crankset (38T). When you only need a single gear you opt for the Gates’ Top series ‘CDX’ carbon fiber belt drive.

Hydraulic Disc brakes

Both versions have a hydraulic braking powerful 4-piston hydraulic front and rear brake with 160 mm brake discs guarantee maximum safety both in all types of riding. Didn’t find a brand for this.

Display and App

Like any modern bicycle, the LEMMO comes with a companion app. This app provides riders with bike information, function adjustments, GPS tracking, customer service, and online shopping. Screenshots show a 'Map Navigation' feature, but it's unclear whether you can map out a route or import routes from RidewithGPS or Strava to follow on the display.

The bicycle is reportedly available in Belgium, and I find the gravel-oriented Turbo Trekker particularly appealing. I can't comment on how it feels to ride since I haven't tested it yet. To give a proper review and decide whether to recommend it, I would need to take it on some of my gravel routes.

It's also worth noting that this isn't a 'Speed Pedelec' but is limited to the European standard speed of 25 km/h. Additionally, I couldn't find any information on whether the wheels are tubeless or tubeless-ready.