How to Create a Multi-line Text Background Effect

In this tutorial Claudia Romano takes a look at how to create a hover underline effect that works when your text spans on multiple lines.

Jen Simmons on Thinking With Grids

Interesting 55min video from SmashingConf SF 2019 where you see Jen Simmons thought process on how you translate a static drawing into a dynamic layout with CSS Grid.

A Designer's Guide to Animating Icons with CSS

Feeling a bit overwhelmed as designer to start coding animation? Shannon Thomann explains how to approach CSS animations for animating SVG icons.

The CSS Handbook: a Handy Guide to CSS for Developers

Flavio Copes wrote this article to help you quickly learn CSS and get familiar with the advanced CSS topics. He explains the fundamental concepts of CSS in this extensive guide.

Animating CSS Grid Rows and Columns

Chen Hui Jing writes an article about animating the grid-template-rows and grid-template-columns properties.

Creating rounded triangles in CSS with clip-path

Another nice little CodyHouse tutorial on using clip-path to make rounded triangles.