Create a Lighthouse in Adobe Illustrator

My own big step by step Illustrator tutorial. You can follow along to create a lighthouse and create a scenery around it. You don't have to be experienced to do this as it is beginner friendly. Have fun!

Nexta Logo Identity Design

I especially like the logo symbol and how it's transformed into a cool pattern. Everything looks very coherent and perfectly balanced. Always great to read a bit of background info on how the logo icon came to life.

The Year in Type

The Year in Type from is a beautiful look at some gorgeous designs from 2021. Take a peek for yourself 👀

Create Spiderman in Adobe Illustrator

This week's tutorial takes us to Hollywood. We will draw an action figure called Spiderman. You'll start from a sketch as always and work yourself up to the finished vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC

Cacao 70

Such colorful package design for these Cacao 70 chocolate bars. Each taste tells a short story that you can read at the back of the bar and is visualized via these cool illustrations on the cover. Love the subtle fun animations.

Women of Type

Get a bit of typography inspiration. Women of Type is showcasing typography and lettering by female identifying creatives.

How to Make a Textured Abstract Gradient Background in Illustrator

In this abstract gradient Illustrator tutorial, you'll learn how to create an abstract gradient in three different ways. You'll learn to use the abstract gradient mesh in Illustrator and the freeform gradient texture.

INOVIL Brand Design

Nice typeface with a cool twist for the creation of this urban wellness and mobility brand. The color palette is also just awesome if you ask me. Reminds me of the design I did for Parking Kursaal, Ostend a couple of years ago where every level has its own color.