How to Draw a Back to School Character in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you'll learn to make a raccoon. Let’s use the Pencil Tool and other handy tools of Adobe Illustrator to draw a funny raccoon wearing glasses. Don't be afraid as the difficulty is intermediate.

Volkswagen's New Logo & Identity

With its focus on pure electric cars, starting with the ID.3, VW introduces its new in-house designed logo & identity. I personally would have kept all lines equally thick, and tweak the tiny gap between the 2 letters, but that's just me ;)

Läckerol New Identity & Packaging Design

Beautiful redesign of the logo and packaging of this Swedish sugar- and calorie-free pastilles brand. Cool how they've totally reworked the logotype while perserving the brand's soul.

Designing at Google: 10 Things I Know to be True

Kenny Chen reflects back at his first year as a designer at Google and shares 10 things he learned that he hopes will help you with your design journey.

Strandbags New Identity Design

Beautiful redesign of this bags & wallets brand. Seeing only the word mark, I thought that's nothing special, but after viewing the complete identity design I was positively surprised. Love the elegant typographical and flexible style.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Even if you have never been there you probably can visualise the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Here's the story of its design

Badge Making Process

Salih Kucukagaone, one of my favorite identity designers has posted his time-lapse process of the new badge logo for his YouTube channel. I love watching these.

Vita's Identity Design

Love the patterns & colors, and how it all goes hand in hand with the packages, interior and food truck. All very inspiring and perfectly executed.

How to Design Delightful Dark Themes

Dark themes are the latest trend in app design. However, it is difficult to create a delightful dark theme. You cannot simply reuse our colors or invert our shades. Some tips by Teresa Man.

Why are Today’s Employers so Bad at Hiring?

If you are in a position to hire (or influence how hiring happens on your team), this article is full of ways to improve the process for you and your candidates.

Home Sweet Sushi Kids

Beautiful packaging design for this kids sushi product. Perfect example of a strong communication achieved solely with beautiful colors and great illustrations and patterns.

Fresh Folk

A nice illustration library of objects and people (each character comes with a range of poses, outfits and skin tones). Free if you leave your email address.

How to Make a Pickle Pattern Brush in Illustrator

You'll learn how to create a pickle brush and how to save it correctly as a new pattern brush by following a few tips and tricks that you will be able to apply to other Adobe Illustrator brushes as well.

Correos Brand Update

Watch the logo evolution —static and animated— of the national postal service of Spain. Love how they managed to simplify this logo mark in such subtle way. The most drastic update here is that the wordmark is completely dropped. Don't forget to scroll all the way down to check out the typeface, the responsive set of icons, and much much more.