Thumbtack’s Illustration Refresh

Krystal Lauk is a San Francisco based Illustrator who’s done illustration branding for several high profile companies: Facebook, Uber, Google, Intercom, and The New York Times. Here's a Q&A interview on this fresh new illustration style.

Building a Design System — Where to Start?

Follow up in these 5 part series. This 4th part takes a closer look at typography. Don't worry if you've missed the previous parts as they are linked in the beginning of the article.

Raaka New Identity Design

Colorful identity design for this Brooklyn based chocolate brand. Their new script character logo works beautifully with the custom serif typeface and new packaging design. Great color combinations and typography. T-shirts and hats are super too.


Redesigning in the open is daunting but Simon Collison is doing it. One part of the site, his timeline is inspiring and is rightfully getting the attention it deserves. In this article he writes a little bit about it. Wonderful way to get a bit personal.

Building a Design system — Where to start? II

Follow up from previous link. This last part takes a closer look at bonus elements such as icons, shadows, grid etc. Previous parts are linked up in the beginning in case you've missed them.

Whiddon Identity Design

I have a bit of a soft spot for these kind of friendly script logotypes. Lovely color palette, which is beautifully executed in their illustration style and overal branding design.

Testing for Wide Gamut

Many new devices and displays support wide gamut color spaces — colors can be purer and more vibrant than previously. Bjango dives a little deeper into the matter and has included an sRGB Gamut Test Photoshop action.

How to Make an Arabic Pattern in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to make a pattern in Illustrator. You will discover how a simple composition can transform basic lines into a fabulous complicated geometry.

Grateful Farms Logo Design

Beautiful soft logo, patterns, business cards, labels and badges created in this 'organic crafty' look & feel for this boutique cannabis producer. The soft color palette also works perfectly with this brand.

How to Make a Cool Photo Effect Album Cover Design in Photoshop

Learn to make this album cover including print tips. This tutorial will also include how to create a surrealistic body paint Photoshop portrait effect that you can use in your everyday art, not just on an album cover.

The Birth of Inter: How the New Open-source Typeface Used by GitHub and Mozilla Came to be

The back story on Inter UI and we find out what goes into creating a brand new typeface. Especially the fact that its creator didn't have much experience in creating a typeface is interesting.

Claris Logo Design

Love the icon of the new logo for Claris International Inc. known for its application FileMaker evoking focus and precision while also suggesting growth from a central point. Make sure to check out the beautiful eye-catching posters & the icon animation.