5 Surprising Apple Logo Facts

Apple logo designer Rob Janoff shares the story of his iconic design. Five unusual nuggets of Apple logo information from Janoff. The full story is in a book called Taking A Bite Out Of The Apple.

How to Create a Vector Infographic Template in Illustrator

You will learn how to set up a simple grid. Using basic tools and taking full advantage of the grid and snap to grid features, you will learn how to create the infographic layout template including icons.

Apostrophe Logo & Identity

Love the fluidity created in the letter A which suits this telemedicine platform brand well, and the fresh & light color palette they've chosen, together with a lovely illustration style. Go have a look!

A Complete Guide to Iconography

This in-depth guide will help you learn how to build icons, how to align them with your brand, and how to implement them into your design system. Written by Bonnie Kate Wolf.

How to Make a Texture Brush in Illustrator

This tutorial is for those who want to incorporate a real-world drawing technique into digital drawing. For when you like texture, grunge, or paint brushes, or if you enjoy drawing in Illustrator and would like to have a more diverse brush arsenal.

Cytomic Logo & Identity Design

Simple but beautiful logo and visual system design for this company based in the advanced cybersecurity business. I'm always a fan for simplicity, and geometrical patterns that use a lovely color palette.

How to Select and Pair Fonts for Seamless User Experiences

What do you need to keep in mind to pick fonts that both look great and foster a good user experience across multiple screen sizes and devices? I try to help a little with some tips and techniques in this article.

Retro Striped Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In this video tutorial you are going to create a striped text effect with a retro 70s vibe. You’ll create the effect by layering up a series of strokes and fills with Illustrator’s Appearance panel, which preserves the live text so you don’t lose the ability to edit the wording.

New Logo & Identity Design for Trulia

Trulia is all about "neighborhood" which is reflected in the new identity created with this new wordmark logo. I totally love its bold color palette and iconography and how it's been applied. Make sure to not miss the animations too.

From Burberry to Apple: A Shift in Retail

Apple’s former SVP Retail, Angela Ahrendts, recent sat down for a very revealing chat with the Royal Bank of Canada Disruptors. She shared a ton of insights into Apple and her relationship with Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Vertical Rhythm in Sketch

Take a look at how vertical rhythm can be established and used in Sketch. In this post, Matej Latin looks at why working with a baseline grid makes sense, how to establish the vertical rhythm and how to align type and components to it.

Sushi Daily Logo Design

This beautiful cute and to the point logo, combined with a soft subtle color palette and elegant illustration style makes this new identity absolutely gorgeous. Don't miss the movie!