How To Organize Files In A Design Agency

I've written about this topic too and I am always curious to how other agencies organize their workflow. Here the design agency Clay shares how they do it in detail. This is not just organizing files, it's also a design process.

How To Create a Vintage Postcard Design

In this Illustrator and Photoshop video tutorial you'll go through the design process for creating a vintage postcard design, based on the postcard design style known as “large letter”, which was popular throughout the mid-20th century.

The Design of Apple's Credit Card

Interesting in-depth look into the design of Apple's just announced Credit Card. This article shows the level of obsession with the details.

Pulpo typeface Pulpo Typeface

Beautiful letter forms and the style makes me think of the Blue Note label covers. Great to get some insights in the process behind the creation of it.

How to Create a Coconut Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

At the beginning of this tutorial you will make a few adjustments to the text; next you will continue with the coconut flesh, for which you'll use effects and brushes to make it look quite realistic.

Design Process of The Popgun Summers Print

A beautiful illustration created by Brian Edward Miller that I featured in my Inspiration Stream. Here's a lengthy writeup on how it was created, going from a rough sketch to the little details. Interesting it was first created in black & white.

Bokiño New Logo & Identity Design

Clever concept behind the new logo & identity design for this digital platform for children's books. The icon is constructed by the six letters in the word mark. Like always don't miss the animations, especially the one when the letters regroup.

A Month of Type

Speaking about animation… A London based motion design studio called Mr. Kaplin has created this rather gloriously animated alphabet. The animation for each letter is a experiment that was completed in a single day. ONE DAY! Go watch it!

Behind the Process of Helvetica’s 21st Century Facelift

The famous typeface has been re-drawn for the modern era. It’s a tremendous overhaul that saw Monotype redraw every single one of Helvetica’s nearly 40,000 characters. Interesting read.

Motion Graphics: Google's Design Language for Hardware

Regular followers know that I like to study animation and one of the better ones is this visual language based on simplicity and abstraction. Go admire it, you'll love it.