Winners of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photo Contest

Here are the winners of the 'Shot On iPhone' contest. If you love photography a must. Go see them along with explanations by the selected judges on why the photo was picked.

Introducing Spectre

Speaking about photography, regular subscribers will know that I take my phone shots with Halide. They just announced their 2nd app for iPhone called Spectre. It's to take brilliant long exposures. Interesting!

How to Create an iMac Icon

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a quick look behind the process of creating an iMac icon using nothing more than a couple of basic geometric shapes that we’re going to adjust here and there in Illustrator.

The Top Ten Fonts of 2018

I always like to discover new fonts. One way of doing so is by checking out lists. The following list of popular fonts of 2018 is based solely on sales through YouWorkForThem.

New Logo and Identity for Fiskars Group

Owning Fiskars scissors, and Iitalla cutlery myself, this article about the design of the Fiskars Group company logo is very interesting. Make sure to watch those inspiring logo and logo icon movies!

How to Create a Tropical Bungalow on a Palm Beach in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, we are going to create a tropical bungalow on a palm beach background using the most basic shapes and tools. Beginner friendly.

How to Create a 3D Gold Text Effect With Photoshop Layer Styles

In this interesting tutorial Enrique Elicabe explains how to create a realistic 3D gold text effect using layer styles in Adobe Photoshop. I'm going to tackle on this one tomorrow.

A Consistent Wayfinding System for the AirTrain at JFK Airport

Confusing digital signage. New York-based designer Adam Fisher-Cox actually does something about it: he undertakes self-initiated projects to propose redesigns and shares them with the world.

New Logo and Identity for Huddly by Heydays

Admire the new identity design for this Norwegian based camera brand named Huddly which turned into a super minimal monogram mark. This is so well done! I always watch those logo animations for inspiration.

Guide to Material Motion in After Effects

A basic sticker sheet and workflow for animating user interfaces. Written for a start from Sketch by help of a useful plugin. Still helpful even if you use Illustrator or Adobe XD like me. I've linked to his previous article in resource #95.

How to Simplify Your Design

Taras Bakusevych shows 20+ easy to follow illustrated examples with wrong and right. Very well explained with clear examples for anyone to understand it.