How to Create a Quick Repetitive Text Effect Illusion in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to use the Offset Path option in illustrator and the difference between using it through the Appearance panel and via the menu bar.

New Year, New Website – Meagan Fisher

Another insightful write-up from Meagan Fisher about the challenges of redesigning her personal website, how to take her own advice and how she applied this into her new web site design.

Designing for Tomorrow - A Discussion on Ethical Design

How can we build trust? Lu Han shares her take on the burning issues – and some thoughts on how to bring about more ethical design in the future.

Turn Your Sketches into Vectors

I’ve featured Burned Toast Creative several times already in my Inspiration Stream. In this class he teaches the techniques to get his style. I always like to watch other illustrators to learn. Nice!

Can't Unsee

Be warned as this one could be your time waster of the day. It's a game to test your designer's eye. Try it out to see if you are qualified to call yourself a UI guru. Don't be too hasty ;)

Laws of UX

If you have not yet seen Jonya Blonksi's beautiful collection of Laws of UX yet I HIGHLY recommend you do so as I learned terminology I had no idea about. Beautiful web site as well.

The End of the Celebrity Designer

No successful product was designed by a single person. Tim van Damme wrote an article about why we shouldn't publicly credit just one person for a new product/feature.

Four Principles of Being a Working Visual Artist

Read the interview then follow the link to their about page. It's a fascinating journey. Great example of succeeding as a small two artists/illustrators studio and still have a life. Inspiring.

Logo Design: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color

This logo class by Aaron Draplin is well worth your time. You’ll create a family crest. He talks about research, workflow, typography, color, etc. Mixed with the typical Draplin humor like his number of logos on his poster.

Making Future Interfaces: Inline SVG

The best series by Heydon Pickering continue. There's SVG, and there's inline SVG. Learn why raster images suck, what's better about SVG, how to hand code SVG, and how to make generative art with SVG and JavaScript.

How to Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator to Create a Colorful Flamingo

How to create your own Illustrator brush and how to do some shading using the same brush. We will use basic shapes and warp effects, and we'll use the same brush for the feathers, leaves, and flowers.