A New Logo for Unsplash

Mikael Cho does a write up about the evolution of the logo. I still see a camera in the logo with the negative space being the lens and the block on top as the flash.

The Designer of Nirvana’s Nevermind Cover on Shooting Babies and Working with Kurt Cobain

A behind-the-scenes look at this incredible cover, created by Robert Fisher. Great read!

Redesigning the WallStreet Journal iPhone App

Thomas Williams takes us behind-the-scenes of the redesign of the iPhone Wallstreet Journal application used by millions of monthly users. The usage figures at the end are ace.

Vector Illustration: Basics of Creating Vector Images

Learn about color, light, composition, perspective, preparing files for a client and skills to progress in illustration. Big set of tips included here.

My Struggle with Colors, Part I

Zain Adeel has some interesting tips on demystifying colors for accessible digital experiences.