iPhone XS: Why It’s A Whole New Camera

Like always a very interesting analysis by Sebastiaan de With about the new camera and image processing in iPhone XS and iOS 12. Very detailed with example photos.

Champion Gothic – Font Review Journal

The time, effort and sheer beauty of Bethany Heck's font reviews is astonishing and that's to say nothing of the fascinating, insightful reviews themselves.

How to Create a Quick Pelican in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial is quick and not hard. It's adapted for beginners, so you'll be able to finish it without any problems.

How to Create a Vector Autumn Background in Adobe Illustrator

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool and a bit of Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator to create an Autumn background!

Structural Typography

Type as both language and composition. Bethany Heck has such a gift for explaining complex ideas simply. These are always a great read. It's a Medium + article. Recommended!

From Idea to Typeface: How are Fonts Designed?

An interesting explanation by Johannes Neumeier on the font creation process.