Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Design Process Explained

Brian Miller walks us through his illustration design process in a breakdown of 5 labels as well as an art test. Really interesting to read. Includes all the sketches.

How Catchy Interface Illustration Can Enhance UI Design

Brief review and practical examples showing how interface illustrations can enhance the usability of a web or mobile UI.

AMA: Tim Van Damme (Gowalla, Instagram, Dropbox, now Abstract)

An 'ask me anything' session with Tim Van Damme. Some good questions in there so I enjoyed reading it.

iPhone X and the State of Smartphone Cameras

Editorial about an interesting experiment to treat a smartphone like a proper camera. Good read if you are into photography like me.

Going Bananas - MailChimp Logo Redesign

Another iconic logo that undergoes a change. Not sure how I feel about this. The color and Freddy yes but Copper Light and the illustrations hmm.