Designing Notifications for Apps

Explore different notification models and when to use which. Nice article, it makes the distinction between the different models very clear, and the graphics support the content well.

The Ultimate Guide to Proper Use of Animation in UX

Normally you have to search information at different resources. This article collects all the main principles & rules for animation in UX in one place.

The Surprising Inspiration Behind Monument Valley’s Most Beautiful Levels

I've always been an admirer of M. C. Escher. Monument Valley revolves around solving puzzles by exploring isometric monuments filled with impossible geometry and optical illusions.

The Age of the Wordless Logo

Kalle Oskari Mattila asks: Why are so many of today's logos wordless? Interesting read on something I've noticed too. "Nameless logos can evoke more personal and immediate reactions".

Rebrand 2018 - Uber

It's always fascinating to read a case study behind the motives of a rebrand. This time it's the tech startup Uber. Good execution but I personally find that the tone is a bit pretentious.