Especially seeing number #7 in this list had the biggest impact. Cindy Li, an amazing woman that did so much for the community and had 100x more energy than the Duracell bunny. She became a real friend and still miss her everyday. Personally I only came one place short for the top 10. I totally forgot that I got on there this early. My very first Dribbble shot was a fragment of a website that I created for a Belgian construction company. Funny thing is that I can't post it here as the minimum amount of pixels for an image on my blog is 1500 and back than Dribbble shots were just 400 X 300 px.

Remember this all started 12 years ago by Dan Cederholm, the creator of Simplebits. Looking back at my 'shots' is like flicking through a digital archive and see how you evolved over time as a designer. Although I don't upload as much as I used/want to, I am still happy to be part of it. Uploading shots is like updating your own website, that's always the last item on your todo list and the first to ignore. You can check the list for yourself to see if you spot familiar names. I bet you will.