Wooden Wonderland

01 Sep 2015
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Wood has always fascinated me. It's also a wonderful material for long lasting toys. The item that has our attention today could be described as a toy for 'grown ups'. The product ticks off all my designer boxes, namely great color combinations, geometric shapes. You can use your imagination to build space ships, castles, an entire village or just a regular house. I like items that can take on another form when you are tired of looking at it.

Wooden Wonderland by Hay

Created by Lee Storm

The playful Wooden Wonderland blocks come in a set of 16 colorful geometric shapes and sizes and are created by the Danish based design duo Lee Storm for Danish brand HAY. These charming wooden blocks are created in Anise wood and are available in two color combinations - pink and green. The Wooden Wonderland blocks are stylish and contemporary enough to made it on my 'want' list. Best of all the price is reasonable at under €60.