UBC Coren

27 Oct 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

It has been some time since I posted a bike here that grabbed my attention. The one that I'm writing about today has done just that. Sadly it is one of these ridiculously expensive bikes that you'll never see in the shop. In other words an exclusive product.

Urban bike

The price level of this bike is defined by its use of super high-end materials and because it takes about 40 hours to make a coren by hand. The frame of the coren is made of very high tensile strength T1000 carbon fibers which are otherwise used almost solely in Formula 1 monocoques.

The constraints of design and marketing were completely disregarded during the coren’s development. Our aim was to create a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare. Mission accomplished.

 — Ulf Bräutigam, CEO

Unique appearance

UBC fits the down tube, the top tube and the seat tube together on an adjustable frame gauge. The bike owes its unique appearance particularly to the connection of the top tube and the seat tube, and the way the lines of the frame flow. The total weight of the coren is 7.7kg, which is an acceptable weight for an urban bike. However, with these high-end materials I would have thought it would weigh even less to be honest.

From tailoring the carbon fibre layers through the manufacture of aluminum forms and curing the carbon parts to connecting the three sections of the frame – the entire manufacturing process is carried out on UBC premises. The frame, like all UBC components, is manufactured in a clean room, in accordance with motor sport and premium vehicle construction standards.

 — Marco Noack, developer and designer at UBC

The other components of this bike are made by selective partners that follow the same quality principles as UBC. UBC GmbH is a German company that produce carbon fiber components for automotive brands such as Porsche, Bugatti and Audi. The bike will come as a Singlespeed, Pedelec or Fixie. The price is around €25,000 (incl. VAT).

Object of art

This bike has a very slick and eye-catching design, and is beautiful engineered for sure, but to me it feels more like an exclusive product, than an actual vehicle. I think I would be afraid to ride it because of the fear of making it dirty. A bicycle to me is a vehicle that needs to be ridden, not just to admire and look at. I bet the few owners will see this bike more as an object of art to admire, a decorative part of the interior. Understandable of course, but also a bit of shame in a way.