Träullit Dekor

18 Jul 2011

It's no secret that I like geometrical shapes. Today's item totally fits this category. It's a product from Sweden and has great possibilities design wise. Träullit Dekor is an environment-friendly, recyclable hexagon tile made from wood wool, cement and water that you can put on your wall.

Functional characteristics

In the Hexagon concept by FORM US WITH LOVE, design complements the practicality of the material, creating a simple but striking product. Träullit Dekor is made of wood wool, cement and water. These natural components together make up the functional characteristics.

Sound absorbing & more

I remember those pyramid shapes that they use in sound or radio studios. This product is much nicer and offers greater design aesthetic and color possibilities than those pyramid wall tiles. It doesn't stop there it's also moisture-regulating, heat-accumulating, and fireproof.

Mounting and handling

Träullit Dekor can be mounted magnetically using magnets pre-fixed to the back of the product. Thin metal sheets are fixed against the underlying surface (wall or ceiling) and the decorative panels can then be fixed by hand and rearranged according to taste. The magnets have a life expectancy of more than one hundred years. Träullit Dekor can also be fitted using glue.

The 2011 collection is produced in a range of earthy colors with suitably nature-inspired names like cloud, moss, leaf, sky and stone. The collection will expand on an annual basis with new colors and new shapes being introduced.

Photos by: Jonas Lindström.


  1. 1 geoffroy gaborieau 19 Jul 2011

    Just brilliant…Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2 Serban Costinescu 19 Jul 2011

    It’s awesome!