Tip Ton by Vitra

08 Apr 2011

This week's item will have its introduction in the upcoming week at Milan design week also known as Salone Internazionale del Mobile. It is a tilting chair for Swiss design brand Vitra.

Tip Ton, the polypropylene chair features a kinked bottom rail that allows the user to tilt it forward nine degrees.

Designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Tip Ton Chair, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. The name 'Tip Ton' hints at its characteristic dual-function seating experience which defines the chair. You can of course sit on it like any other chair. What makes the Tip Ton really special is that it tilts forward in a 9 degree tilt bringing you closer to a table or desk while your spine remains straight. This sitting position straightens the pelvis and spine and improves blood flow. Jay Osgerby explains:

We realized that creating dynamic movement in a chair can actually help a person’s concentration. Research shows that increased muscular activity in the abdomen and back regions can be beneficial to health because movement increases the flow of oxygen around the body which can aid concentration.

I have to agree on the leaning forward position. For many years we owned Stokke That's It chairs as office chairs and never had any back pain. Very useful for those long hours we spend by the computer and lean forward when concentrating.

Design for the classroom

One mission of this Tip Ton chair is to bring "good design" into the classroom. For a first test in the field, Italian magazine Abitare took the "Tip Ton" chair to the "Casa del Sole" school in Milan, a pioneering institution in terms of experimental education.

100% recyclable

The Tip Ton is made from a single cast in 100% recyclable polypropylene. The chair is practically indestructible and meets many international standard requirements in terms of safety, size and weight, function, environmental standards and durability. Edward Barber explains:

Durability, longevity and zero maintenance are key aspects, the chair is stackable and makes very little noise when moved around. It is also virtually indestructible which makes it suitable for any environment.

The chair is stackable and makes very little noise when moved around.

According to Eckart Maise, Vitra’s chief design officer the chair was very challenging to make because the design is much more complex than it appears. "At Vitra we think it has turned out well because it’s an expressive chair, with a strong personality, yet it’s also very democratic because it is made in low cost plastic".

Video presentation

They also created a nice introduction video for the Tip Ton. Filmed by Johnny Kelly for Nexus with music from Andy and Jez Williams. Photos also by Nexus.


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