Tio chair by Massproductions

17 Jan 2012

Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company, run by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck. Massproductions develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit. The brand has been on the Belgian market for about two year and their bestseller is the Tio chair that I'll show here today.

Tio chair in new colors


The Tio chair has been designed by Chris Martin, who used to be Jasper Morrison’s right hand man. The chair is suited for inside or outside. In December 2009 the chair won the Golden Chair Award something that the Swedish Association of Architects gives out each year. The jury’s justification is as follows:

Using well-tried materials, a chair has been created which is consummately designed, with excellent sharpness of detailing and beauty of line, and which, is surprisingly comfortable. The Tio chair is functional, sturdy and stackable. As part of a series of furniture sharing the same character, Tio displays a consistency of idiom and an impressive flexibility.

Modern timeless appearance

A well deserved win as I like the lines of this chair. There are two versions of this chair, namely the 'Tio chair' and the 'Tio Easy chair'. Both have an elegant form and modern timeless appearance. The chair has something that attracts the design conscious eye. Tio is actually a collection that consists of chairs and tables made of steel wire produced on a computer-controlled bending machine.

Tio chair & Tio Easy chair

A color lover like myself very much appreciates what they have done with the new colors. A few colorful items like that in your house or garden really brightens up the place. To end this, let's look at what the designer had to say about the design of this chair.

The design for Tio was the end result of a few months of thinking, sketching and sculpting. My point of departure was to arrange a fan of wires into a comfortable seat and then connect them in a straightforward and logical frame, which minimized the amount of steel used. So really the appeal comes from pragmatic thinking, executed within the restraints of the materials characteristics and according to an industrial production process. Sounds clinical, but the result is something I find very pleasing. For those who find steel wires too hard, we have developed an upholstered cushion to give extra comfort during long dining sessions.

 — Chris Martin


  1. 1 Stephie 19 Jan 2012

    The colors are really cute and it is also convenient that it can be used for indoors and outdoors. I hope it’s comfy to sit on.