The Origami Canoe

02 Aug 2016
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Water lovers that like to canoe will love the following I think. Imagine that you could take your canoe everywhere as it is compact & transportable and you can assemble it in very little time. Sounds like science fiction isn’t it? A Ghent, Belgium based start-up introduced it.


ONAK is a full sized foldable canoe inspired by origami designs. Perfect for storage in a city apartment or to take with you if you use public transport for example. Created for the canals in the city or for exploring the waterways of the great outdoors. Once in the water the canoe is 465 cm (183 in) long by 85 cm (33.5 in) wide and is designed to carry about 200 kg (440 lb), which should be enough for two adults, a child and some gear. Once folded back up the roller case has these measurements: 120 x 40 x 25cm (47 x 15.7 x 10 in) and weights about 17 kg (37 lb). The founders fully tested it by doing a tour through Europe and beyond.


The project was launched on July 1st on Kickstarter and was successfully funded yesterday with €235.230. You can pre-order one for €1295 (€1195 without paddles).