THE MASHUP from Kymo

19 Nov 2010
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Flanders has a very rich history of carpet weaving just like the Persians do. That's why the following caught my attention. Now there is a German company called Kymo that creates contemporary floor wear that revives this art form in their new collection called THE MASHUP. They respect, reinvent and remix an age-old tradition of carpet making.

Old is new again

The designers responsible for this are Eva Langhans and Thomas Follner. They do that by using worn and rugged oriental carpets as raw materials. THE MASHUP rugs are created by first stripping the originals to their bare essentials. The threads are refined using various methods, and are then reassembled into a new sophisticated color coordinated patchwork pattern. Must confess that it isn't my personal cup of tea, but it is an original approach and the end result is an eye catcher. To quote Kymo:

As a direct source of inspiration, the oriental carpet transcends its position in modern interiors as a distant echo of the past. Because: to appreciate the future, you have to respect the past.

THE MASHUP premium rugs are available in five standard sizes and six different color schemes. Carpets can also be made to order in custom sizes, shapes and color schemes.