The Box Sofa and Lounger

25 Mar 2011

The following story started in the summer of 2009 somewhere in southwestern Finland. Two homeless yet ambitious designers were philosophizing over the latest design trends at a local lounge when they suddenly realized they couldn't hear themselves thinking over all the noise and buzz in the place.

Privacy a rare luxury

Nowadays people are always working and constantly on the move. That's when Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen realized that privacy was becoming a rare luxury, and a problem for almost everyone living a mobile lifestyle. From that idea LoOok Industries, and eventually The Box Sofa and Lounger was born.

Meet The Box Sofa and Lounger

The Box Sofa provides a getaway from noise and movement as it provides a quiet and visually secluded cover. You can also use The Box Sofa as a room divider. The colors immediately attracted my attention. To me this looks like an ideal item for a modern office or public place like an airport or train station. You could also put two sofas face to face and create a room inside a room to maximize teamwork and interaction with co-workers. I love how the designers put it "Be creative, think inside the box".

The Box Lounger

The Box Lounger uses the same principle as the sofa and the same soft sound absorbing material on the inside that dampens outside sounds. Perfect place to work on your laptop, make a call or just relax and let the mind flow.

Be creative, think inside the box.


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