Stylish Outdoor Thermometer

28 Jul 2010

I am on the lookout for a stylish outdoor thermometer. I thought this would be an easy task and that there would be an overwhelming amount of options available. Boy, was I wrong! Had to search really hard to find some stylish ones. I know that we live in a mass-produced world that doesn't always care for design aesthetics, but I never imagined it would this bad.

Finding design aesthetics in a sea of ugliness

Like many I always start exploring a subject matter by using Google. I entered "stylish outdoor thermometer" and thought that I would get overwhelmed by the visual beauties. The opposite happened as I had to search hard to find a few really stylish ones in the sea of ugliness. Cats or dogs in thermometers, birds or a deer in a thermometer, an ugly digital thermometer, no problem, you'll find it all.

After searching for a while I managed to select 7 outdoor thermometers that I find aesthetically pleasing. Should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that my favorite is the one with the colors. Below you'll find a list with their names and links to the shop where I found them.

7 stylish Outdoor Thermometers
Found only 7 stylish outdoor thermometers in an overwhelming sea of ugliness


  1. 1 Ian 28 Jul 2010

    I do very much like #3 (the Disc Speed), I love the mid-century modern colors. Very good point on there not being many well-designed outdoor thermometers. I think that there are a bunch of other products that could use some good design, including: message boards, printers, external hard drives and surge protectors.

  2. 2 Pierre 29 Jul 2010

    How about the 1 meter height Jumbo thermometer.

    I have that one on my balcony.

  3. 3 John 02 Aug 2010

    The problem is with your search terms. It’s like searching for ‘good movies’ and then complaining there are a lot you don’t like.

  4. 4 Veerle Pieters 03 Aug 2010


    The problem is with your search terms. It’s like searching for ‘good movies’ and then complaining there are a lot you don’t like.

    If you say A you gotta say B and enlighten us with your knowledge of what I should have been using as search term instead. Maybe with yours we will see the real beauties. I’m always eager to learn.

  5. 5 Lauras 04 Aug 2010

    Its a tossup between 1 and 2 for me. I like the look of 2 better, but don’t care for the stand, mounting to the windows looks better. I like “Japanese” minimalistic - straight to the essence designs. 1 and 2 are easiest to read too, not like some of the watches people wear - show everything else but really have to focus to determine what time it is…

  6. 6 Jackie 05 Aug 2010

    I found some on a search for decorative outdoor thermometers under Amazon.

    and another site called AccuMall.

    Garden Winds

    These are a little more like sundials and old-fashioned thermometers that are pieces for your garden.

  7. 7 Kelly 13 Aug 2010

    Very good looking and unique temperature design. But do you know that we can measure the outdoor temperature with crickets creaking sound? There is a unique article here.

  8. 8 Monique Helfrich 25 Aug 2010

    Thank you so much for sharing. I searched for 2 months and I finally found a thermometer I like (nr. 5). And much to my surprise it can be bought in a Dutch online shop : )

    thanks again.

  9. 9 Jeronim Lucretius 26 Aug 2010

    yes! what sort of design aesthetic attracts you is a personal preference, but for me, i like design that is simple, clean, modest, and clearly portrays its message. oh and a big plus if it is also functional. also, if it builds well on history (preceding designs) and is cognizant of what it borrows from. really crazy original stuff (i’m thinking wild colors and forms) also attracts me. and if it ages well, then that’s a sure sign too. and some things are just beautiful!

  10. 10 bob 20 Sep 2010

    very useful list, thanks !