Spock by Modular

22 May 2011

On my todo list for the house I still have two light fixtures that I need to find. There is no rush as I want to bump into them by chance. One of those needs to be an eye-catcher and the other something low profile. I'm 99% sure I just found the last one in my own country.

Spock by Modular

Meet Spock

Spock is a versatile wall and ceiling light fixture that uses a 12-mm LED disc that can rotate horizontally over 359° and vertically over -10/+45° via an asymmetrical hinge joint. You guessed correctly if you thought that the name was a reference to the Vulcan out of Star Trek. The design itself could be related to Apple's iPod. Created by a Belgian company called Modular Lighting Instruments.

sketch of Spock

“Change is the essential process of all existence”

— Spock, in Star Trek

Form follows function

I love the sleek lines of the Spock. It doesn't matter if you apply Spock on the ceiling, wall or track-mounted, it does it all without being obtrusive. Exactly what I was looking for. All electrical stuff is cleverly put inside so there isn't a centimeter of cable to be seen. They succeeded in doing that without compromising on the aesthetics. The LED technology and the design are the result of years of research. My situation is almost exactly as the one you see below in the photo of the 3 Spock's above a kitchen table.

Designed by Couvreur & Devos

Spock is a minimalistic design by Couvreur & Devos, a design duo from Roeselare, Belgium. This is what the designers had to say about the design and collaboration with Modular Lighting Instruments:

When Modular showed us a flat 12-mm LED disc, we immediately realized their engineers had delivered groundbreaking results. Our assignment was to build a fixture that would push the boundaries in terms of design and modularity, as well as reinforce the new technology.

All connections were provided without cables, so there is not even a centimeter of cable to be seen on the Spock. We managed to do this by using a unique hinging system with all the connections meticulously worked into it. It was essential to combine the shape of the Spock and the technology of the disc to achieve perfect symbiosis. One and one makes three. In other words: the form follows the function of the technology, so that the slimness of the disc is accentuated even more.

Our dream is for the Spock to become a classic. This is why we opted for a stylish and timeless design with a high level of finish. When buying a Spock, the consumer will get a really eye-catching, yet not ostentatious fixture. The light of the future is a recognizable Modular concept: innovative, qualitative and contemporary.

Spock is a perfect example of minimalistic design by Couvreur & Devos

Flexible living and working

The Spock has great flexibility too imho. I think it would feel equally at home in a residential or professional environment, no matter if it is fitted to a ceiling or a wall, with or without a track system. It's also one of these designs that could prove to be timeless thanks to its simplicity.

Spock uses an LED disc which can rotate horizontally over 359° and vertically over -10/+45° via an asymmetrical hinge joint. Spock is available in a black and white version.

The ecological aspect

A nice bonus is the ecological aspect. The Spock generates a luminous intensity up to 1000 lumens, which is comparable to the widespread classic halogen spot of 50 up to 75 watts. With a consumption of 22 watts the Spock performs at least three times better. Where the traditional halogen spot gives up the ghost after 5000 hours, the Spock keeps on burning for no fewer than 50 000 hours. That's about 4166 12-hour days!

Produced in cast aluminium with tactile powder- coating, Spock is a perfect example of minimalistic design. With the Spock, Modular is taking the first step in introducing the light of the future into our homes and offices according to their brochure.


  • Length: 340 mm
  • Width: 213 mm
  • Heigth: 40 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Lamp: 1x LED disc 22W
  • Adjustability: h 359° v -10°/+45°


  1. 1 Alexandre Chailleux 23 May 2011

    Beautiful. It’s a piece of art. There’s another company in Belgium I love: Basalte. They create absolutely gorgeous LED based light switches. I’ve bought some for my own house and absolutely love them. You should have a look.

  2. 2 Erwin Heiser 23 May 2011

    Very, very nice!
    Impossible to find a price or retail adress on their website though…

  3. 3 Micheal 23 May 2011

    Brilliant colors, awesome fonts .... ! Site looks very good Veerle !

  4. 4 Karel Uyttendaele 24 May 2011

    Seems like we both fell in love with the same light system :-)