Silver Lake by Patricia Urquiola

31 Dec 2010

Italy's furniture maker Moroso isn't a stranger to one of the busiest Spanish female industrial designer that I know. They worked together on a great list of furniture. I'm talking about Patricia Urquiola's latest work called Silver Lake.

Silver Lake Sofas and Armchair

From what I hear Silver Lake is the name of a Los Angeles neighborhood that is famous for its architecture. If I am correct it is a bit of a hotspot for architecture firms and creative agencies. Patricia's creation is inspired by the Californian modernism of the ‘50s. The Silver Lake range is composed of three sofas, two armchairs, and a small armchair. There is an interesting geometric interplay going with this design. The arm rest being folded like is only one aspect that makes you look. The seats also have an interesting combination of materials: wood, steel, fabric or leather. The light grey one (2nd photos) has my preference. I'm guessing that the carpets you see in the photo with the armchair and the sofa, are those that I've talked about a few ago.

Sofa dimensions

  • height: 750 mm mm
  • depth: 1050 mm

Armchair dimensions

  • Width: 650 mm
  • height: 830 mm
  • depth: 730 mm

The Silver Lake range is composed of three sofas, two armchairs and a small armchair displaying a continuous geometric interplay of solids and voids, with volumes creating many-sided polyhedral forms.

Silver Lake takes and retains from the ‘50s a scrupulous choice of materials.

Wood, steel, fabric or leather in a sculptural synthesis that, indirectly, brings to the surface today the Utopian vision of the ‘50s.


  1. 1 Stefanie Higgins 14 Jan 2011

    These pieces are very clean and modern. If I were fortunate enough to have two homes I would furnish my second (in New York) with these pieces. The name is lovely as well.