Shoes, Books and Bike Shelf

28 Jun 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

I've featured a few bike storage solutions here before. They are all very different from the one that I'll share today. It doesn't do any space-saving tricks but it does have a certain cuteness that appeals to me.

Shoes Books and Bike Shelf

Shoes, Books and Bike Shelf

This multi-purpose standing shelf with designated spaces for books, shoes and a bicycle is designed & produced in Switzerland by Thomas Walde for Post Fossil. It shares the same principle with those other bike racks that you want to store your bicycle in your living room. The top part is reserved to store an adult bicycle. The bottom part can be used for books and shoes, with the top rack providing enough space to hold your helmets, tools and other cycling gear.

To make sure the bike stands firmly upright on the shelf, it features a clamp integrated on one side that attaches to the back or front wheel. The shelf is made of pine, screws and coconut fibre.