Restored Antique Designer Baths

09 Apr 2010
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

If you love those antique roll top baths but you want to color outside the box a bit, you’ll probably love this unique and fresh approach. Richard May designs and restores antique cast iron roll top baths in a very unique and colorful fashion. This bold statement of creativity could make this type of bath the centerpiece to any bathroom…

The story begins with sourcing original antique cast iron roll top baths, which Richard then restores with a new enamel coating. The bathtubs have a high level of thermal and sound insulation and their surface is very smooth and easy to clean. The baths are decorated with ceramic handmade mosaics and have chromed iron legs. You have four common types of cast iron roll top baths.

Cast Iron Roll Top Bath Types

The most common types of antique cast iron roll top baths are:

  1. Original french double ended bath
  2. Parallel sided antique bath
  3. English tapered side bath
  4. Plunger bath

If you have one of these they are a candidate for a complete makeover. You can design your own bath with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. So your unique bath can reflect your own personal style. I'll let Richard explain how he sees things.

I feel the cast iron roll top bath is really a blank canvas to add some personality to, and then came the idea of mosaics, decorating the sides giving vibrant colour and texture. With thousands of mosaics to choose from in an array of colours, the baths can be personalised to suit any taste, making each bath a "one off."

The ceramic mosaics used are all handmade in Europe. They are stunningly beautiful and extremely hard-wearing. The mosaic tiles are fired twice at 1,235°C, so no additional protection is required. It is a very original approach that I personally haven't seen anywhere else.