04 May 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

I love reading stories that turn a good idea into a real product. When that product thinks about the environment as well it becomes even more interesting. That's exactly what Lars Beller Fjetland did with his "Re-turned"-bird series.

Little birds made from recycled wood

From trash to lovable little birds

If you have any more doubts about the fact that riding a bicyle is good for inspiration let this be your eye opener. When Lars took his bicycle for a spin through his village he saw these containers on every street corner and wondered if he could find any useful material in them. After inspecting some of them he found enough wood to create 20 little birds. That's when the idea of "Re-turned"-bird series started. The fact that another person's waste could be such great resource was a real eye opener.

Great packaging

At this time Lars has about 30 birds. Creating each bird took him about a half day work. Lars has an eye for details too as you can see from the great packaging.

The "Re-turned"-concepts elevates leftover wood from being merely an ignored piece of trash to becoming a desired piece of feel-good woodcraft. A 100% recycled item, perfect as a housewarming-gift to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature. I want to own some of these birds. From what I understand they are currently in production at Can't wait to order and have them on display!

You can now order the "Re-turned" birds at I placed my order already.