Quarterre Bike Racks

02 Mar 2012

I'm staying on the topic of bike storage solutions this week. The ones you are about to see have "design" in common with the Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw that I featured previously.

Store your bike in style

Most bike storage solutions tend to be boring and unsightly and you wouldn't want to have them in plain sight. Not so for the ones that have been designed by London based design studio Quarterre, those could be described as stylish, efficient & functional. As a designer you are probably thinking aesthetically all the time just like me, how it looks influences what you buy. Just like the Bike Shelf these racks can serve as a sculptural element. There are 3 models: the Hood, the Shadow and Branchline.

The Shadow
The Hood


  1. 1 Karen Cayamanda 05 Mar 2012

    These methods of storing bikes are great ideas for those who sell them. This makes the shop window more eye-catching.

  2. 2 Sandra 16 Mar 2012

    I love that most of these were hand-drawn (at least I assume that’s the case). You can see hgilst imperfections (lines that don’t quite line up, curved edges that aren’t perfectly parallel), but it doesn’t change the strength of the designs. The lesson for me, here? Lay off the perfectionism!

  3. 3 Carolina Emily 17 Mar 2012

    Thanks for the post.