Platon stool by Lucas Elander Hinnerud

23 Sep 2010

The Platon stool has been developed for Materia, a Swedish furniture brand. The “Platon” by designer Lucas Elander Hinnerud is his first product that went into production. A simple yet unique stool intended to spread out fun, movement and stability in modern workspaces, public spaces, and homes.

Platon = fun, movement and stability

The Platon stool radiates fun, movement and stability. On Platon you can sit upright steadily, or rock gently to and fro thanks to the cross-cut underside. Inside there is a balancing weight which causes the stool to tip back after you have stood up from it. A group of Platon stools changes form and character when used by many people in a personal, creative session. Platon is made in moulded wood, with a lacquer that feels like rubber.

The Platon stool

This stool speaks for itself. It is simple and functional. While very stable, it invites movement.

I saw before me an old man with a long beard who sat on the stool, philosophising. This is not furniture for sitting and working. It is too hard and flat. But that is why it is better suited to creative meetings, or a time when you just want to think about things while waiting for something. For me, form is often more important than function, and I want the products to look like what I had in mind.

 — Lucas Elander Hinnerud


  1. 1 Adley 04 Oct 2010

    It’s a great news thanks for sharing as I was looking for something like this. I was unknown to this stool. Hope to get more post from you looking towards for your next article.