My impressions of Interieur 2010

01 Nov 2010

INTERIEUR 2010, the international Design Biennale closed its doors on Sunday evening of October 24th. I visited the fair a few days earlier and had a great time discovering inspiring designs. Geert & I arrived at 10am and had to rush the last two halls to get out by 6pm. New design experiences, that's what the 22nd edition of INTERIEUR 2010 offered the public.

Highly successful 10-day event

The international Design Biennale closed its doors in Kortrijk Xpo after a highly successful 10-day event that drew more than 92.138 visitors. That's a lot of people! The organizers are looking back at the event with a smile on their face.

INTERIEUR 2010 was about experiencing design and sharing new impressions in a way it had never done before. If the massive interest in the lectures in the Forum are anything to go by we can say with some certainty that the visitors took the time to listen to the different accounts.

The main theme of INTERIEUR 2010 was 'a new world'. The tone was set with the Japanese architect Junya Ishigami - the first guest of honour from outside of Europe.

Other high points of INTERIEUR 2010? "The Rambla - this year it was enlarged and transformed into an amazing piece of reflective architecture - was given an enthusiastic reception. This was also true of the lower floor, with Theyoungdesignersfair, the Design Competition and Design at Work, that was opened up completely for this edition.

And with great success, because there was a tremendous interest in this totally different design ambiance.

 — Interieur Foundation
Interieur 2010, Design Biennale since 1968
Fatboy Light fixtures Tal Dark - Pantone lights Dark - Pantone lights Rainshower Grohe Rainshower Ghrohe WaterColors Lago LT02 SEAM2 Pastoe Pastoe Pastoe Bulo - Jules Wabbes Bulo - Jules Wabbes Cassecroute Fatboy Fatboy Tal Dark - Pantone lights Cubeit Bulo Bulo Bulo Extremis Extremis Axor Pastoe Pastoe Pastoe Gelderland Gelderland Cocofruit Spring Dark Dark Dark Dark Pastoe

My impressions of Interieur 2010. All pictures were taken by an iPhone 4. This was a kind of test case to see if the outcome would be useful.

Hope you liked my personal impression through a journey of pictures. Later I'll pick out the things that really impressed or made me look. I'll write a bit about those in separate posts. There are a lot of items like that so I have plenty of inspiration to fill the Modern Home Design section :) It was also refreshing to see young designers and rising talents claiming their place in this world. Many things going on in the world of contemporary design and you'll read about them here.

Interieur 2010, 15-24 October, Kortrijk Belgium
Dark - Pantone spot lights Rainshower Grohe Outdoor kitchen Axor Bulo Cassecroute Extremis Pastoe Pastoe"" Picnic Hat Gelderland Fantoni Flos Arper Bram Boo

Personal impression of INTERIEUR 2010 through a journey of pictures. I'm very satisfied by the result of the iPhone 4. The camera on it really rocks!


  1. 1 Tiffany 01 Nov 2010

    You don’t happen to know the product name of those little round Pantone lamps, do you?  Your photos have me drooling for them, but I can’t figure out how to buy them.

  2. 2 Veerle Pieters 02 Nov 2010


    You don’t happen to know the product name of those little round Pantone lamps, do you?  Your photos have me drooling for them, but I can’t figure out how to buy them.

    Yes I do :) They are called Pantone Universe and are created by a Belgian company called Dark. I will highlight what Dark is doing with Pantone in a later post. Love them too!

  3. 3 Kat 17 Nov 2010

    Absolutely love the Pantone lamps and the shower heads! Want one now!!!!