My cycling history

15 Jun 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Many people have asked me about my bike and I have been wanting to write about it for some time but there was always something that came in between. No more! I finally made it a priority.

The story of my cycling adventures…

My first bike

I've started my cycling adventure long time ago with a Trek Navigator 300 not knowing that it would be something that I love so much and would keep on doing for many years. I've enjoyed riding it but with its big tires and weight it wasn't ideal for touring. Each time I rode a quicker pace with it, and the hard Flemish wind was present, I was totally out of breath and very tired.

Trek Navigator 300

My second bike

That's when I decided to look around for another bike. A bike made for touring, but one that could also be used to do your shopping with. If recollection is right, I believe I test drove 5 bikes until the shop owner told me he had one more bike that I should test as well. He said it was the 'Rolls-Royce' under the bikes. That bike was the Koga Lightrunner. First impressions are everything, and this bike made a good one on me, and that only got better once I actually rode it. The way it felt, I totally understood where the 'Rolls-Royce' under the bikes was coming from. The others I tested were okay too, but this one was just that bit better. The difference is in how it rolls, shifts and in the little details like the light that goes on automatically when its getting dark etc.

Koga Lightrunner
What's wrong with me?

We gradually evolved in our cycling (doing more km's) and this bike wasn't ideal too because it isn't exactly lightweight (13 à 14kg). I felt I was still tired after riding, and out of breath when there was wind. Believe me when I say that Belgium is windy. I thought there was something wrong with me, and it felt as if things were going downhill instead of uphill, so I visited my regular doctor, but he couldn't find anything wrong with me, and so he advised me to visit a sports doctor, and do an endurance test to see how my condition was. That's what I did, and big was my surprise when he told me that my level of fitness was just so so. He explained that the way I was doing my rides, didn't improve anything condition-wise, and that if I was serious about cycling I would be better off with a lighter bike. He asked me what my goals were, and I told him it would be wonderful to be able to ride 120km in the Flemish Ardennes. For the people that don't know it, it's the region where the pro riders compete in the Tour of Flanders. With that goal in mind he created a special training program for me that I needed to follow.

My third bike

That's when I started my search for a bike that wasn't a race bike but close. Since I was so fond of my Koga I went to my favorite shop and spotted the Koga Sportslady (10kg) in the showroom. It immediately grabbed my attention with its look and after test riding it I was convinced that this would be the one. Only thing left was going through all the measurements so it would fit perfectly. The hardest part was waiting for it to arrive :)

Koga Sportslady

That was many thousands of km's ago and I have been loving it ever since. This is the bike that takes me through rain & wind. For the first time I'm now ready for the next level, a race bike. This would be my Summer bike. Remember riding a bike is great for inspiration and for discovering the beauty around you. If you follow me on Instagram (@veerlepieters) you get to see what I am talking about. Vive le vélo!