01 Apr 2011
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

With only a few more months to go it is time to start thinking about being outside until late at night. Mood plays an important role in that. Fire seems perfect for that, hence the trend of those outdoor fireplaces.

Modfire by Brandon Williams

Modefire, a fireplace design that is simplistic in form and shape, which I love and wouldn't look bad in any type of garden. More importantly, it is not only beautiful but durable as well. Totally Handcrafted by a metalworker called Brandon Williams. You could make a statement through color as bright blue, deep red and orange with avocado and yellow coming soon, and natural steel. Designed for burning your favorite wood or composite fire-logs, but Brandon Williams recommends chiminea chunks for the perfect fire every time.

Modfire, a dramatic departure from tired and boring fireplaces

Perfect for those chilly evenings

Even in the middle of summer some nights can get chilly. These Modfire outdoor fireplaces look like the prefect solution for those chilly evenings. You don't have to go inside to get warm, and you get the mood from the fire as a bonus. Description from the modfire web site:

Handcrafted out of thick fourteen gauge steel and either unfinished or colorfully coated in glossy high-temp paint (shown), modfire is designed to be an heirloom that lasts a lifetime. Its vented dual-wall construction safely contains the fire and helps keep the outer skin cool. At 48” tall and 22″ wide modfire is a dramatic departure from tired and boring fireplaces.

Hat tip: Maxime De Greve