Modern Home Design special edition part 5

02 Sep 2014
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

Good things come in small doses. You had to wait quite a bit but I finally had some time to share what I have been collecting. Hope you'll enjoy what you are about to see after the jump.

Gusto collection Gusto collection

BIOBU [by EKOBO] Gusto Collection

As a color-lover I'm liking this Gusto Collection very much. It's a range of biodegradable bamboo fibre tableware that is practical and environmentally friendly. The Gusto Collection is stackable and durable and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

This collection brings a bit of color into our everyday life. The only negative is that it isn't suitable for microwave use. All the items are almost too beautiful to hide away in the closet as it begs to let your imagination run free and start combining colors.

Plaid lampadaire Plaid lampadaire

Plaid lampadaire

Roche Bobois 'Plaid' lamppost designed by Bina Baitel is an eye-catcher. The designer recently won the Grand Prix de la Création and is a name to remember. She has the gift to transform an everyday object into something with a lot of character.

More at photos at Roche Bobois

The lamp is made from a two-colored sheet hung on a thin steel rod, the lampshade is made of folded aluminum and generates a gentle ambience through the indirect diffusion of the light. Available in 3 colors: black, white and red.

Acapulco chair Acapulco chair

Acapulco chair

The Acapulco chair by OK Design (formally Oficina Kreativa) is named after the legendary Pacific resort Acapulco in Mexico. The chair is a star of its own, just do a search on Pinterest to see what I mean. Featured in many magazines and I must confess that it sure is a looker. That's also the reason that there are so many copycats replicating this design.

The frame of the Acapulco chair is created in galvanized and powder coated solid steel. The cord in UV filtered high quality PVC, free of phthalates and heavy metals. Available in black, petroleum blue, light blue, yellow and all white.

More info at OK Design
Dots Dots

Dots by Aris Architects

I love the idea behind 'Dots', a modular system by ARIS Architects that attaches to your wall and lets you customize it with its easily interchangeable boxes. This 'Dots' system is made up of small wooden cylinders that attach to the wall panels in a grid-type pattern. The boxes can be fitted within the rows where the cylinders keep them in place.

More photos at Design Milk

An interior is always evolving, at least mine is so I like furniture that makes it simple to change things when you feel like it. Even when there aren't any boxes you still get a dotted geometrical pattern making your wall look really cool. 'Dots' recently won a Red Dot Design Award 2014 for Interior Design Elements.