Modern Home Design special edition part 3

05 Jun 2012

Good things come in small doses. You had to wait a bit but here is another special edition of some of my favorite discoveries of the last months. Hope you'll enjoy what you are about to see after the jump.

James the bookend

After many requests, black + blum finally adapted their award winning doorstop design into a bookend! The stainless steel plate that is fixed to his foot, ensures that any number of books can be leant against James' outstretched arm without him slipping over. He can be used individually or as a pair.

Learn more about the black + blum

James the bookend is made of synthetic rubber with a stainless steel foot plate. James is available in 5 colors: lime, orange, black, red, and blue. I love products that have a bit of humor and are functional. James the bookend sure is a fantastic way of holding books upright on a bookshelf.

Mangas Poufs

The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is a busy bee. Her mangas rug collection for GAN expands to poufs with 3 new models. GAN is Gandia Blasco's textile brand & Mangas means sleeves in English. I love her choice of patterns and colors. They look very comfortable and inviting to lay down on.

Learn more about the mangas poufs

The 3 models are caramel MP1, globa MP2 and campana MP3. GAN recently expanded these 3 models with the mangas natural poufs also available in 3 editions called caramel MPN1, globo MPN2 and campana MPN3. These 3 new ones consist of easy on the eye natural earth colors.

Ruby Brown Hotsocks

Maybe not the right time to post this since it's almost Summer but I had to share these cuties for keeping your feet warm during those colder evenings at home. These Ruby Brown slippers are created from recycled wool and have a suede sole with a rubber insert.

More at Ruby Brown

Since 2003 Ruby Brown has been known for her innovative style in the world of both luxury and comfortable slippers as well as hand knitted HotSocks. The winter collection including accessories like collars, mitaines, bags combined with a colourful summer collection makes Ruby Brown an all year round quality brand.

Rainshower® WaterColours

Last item on the list is my own favorite hand shower that I enjoy every day. It's also a perfect item for a color lover like myself as you can get these series in an awesome palette of six colors. You can also get them in Rainshower® WaterColours Natural Collection.

GROHE Rainshower® WaterColours Collection features an EcoButton on the shower handle for effortless, fingertip water saving whenever you need it. Simply slide the button and reduce the water used by up to 40%. It's no marketing as I have my bill to prove it.


  1. 1 Shelly Hammerson 23 Jun 2012

    Wow! Poufs are looking very nice and much comfortable!! I think a simple placement of it in a corner of the room will give a classic look with the relax mood ;). Thanks for giving a hand to select a nicer lifestyle.