22 Nov 2010

If you are a graphic designer like me you are familiar with RGB. Let's assume that you are still on the lookout for a nice pendant light that fits your office and your daily work. If the answer to all the above is yes, I think I have found the perfect fit.


The mischlichtRGB is a translation of the RGB additive color model into a lighting fixture. It seems like this light has been built with the designer crowd in mind. This design is the product of German and Swiss product designers Fabian Nehne and Martin Meier, who are currently working as a senior designer at Deutsche Telekom and senior designer lead at IDEA Munich respectively. Photos 1, 2, and 3 are renders and number 4 is a first prototype. I think the idea is interesting, and I am sure the designers will find a company to bring it to market.



  1. 1 Erin E. Sullivan 22 Nov 2010


  2. 2 Luxuryluke 22 Nov 2010

    That is amazing. Would love to have one of those in my office.