Mirtoon by ZEE

07 May 2013

The trend that inside becomes outside is still going strong. You don't see the difference anymore when looking at furniture, light fixtures and even weather-resistant rugs to make one’s yard look as smart as a living room. The Belgian design firm ZEE takes this one step further by focussing on the details.

Mirtoon water hose

A water hose called Mirtoon

Probably everyone owns a water hose as it is one of those essential exterior tools used to water plants, vegetables, flowerbeds, clean bikes and cars. Kids play with it during Summer time. Surprisingly not much attention has been paid to its design so far. That's exactly what they have done at ZEE. They rethought the water hose and designed a colorful pretty looking hose reel. They used an 'unicolor' approach and the design was done by Antwerp based studio Concrete. Mirtoon comes in a 10 meter (7kg) and 30 meter (18 kg) edition. Each reel includes a hose, fittings and nozzle. The hose comes with the necessary connectors to use it worldwide. The hose reels and all the different components, from wall bracket to nozzle are available in the same color: white, black, deep pink or green.

It's all nicely done and it makes Mirtoon a great eye catcher in the garden or on the patio. Last year Mirtoon has won the 2012 Henry van der Velde design Label, a prestigious Belgian design award.

Mirtoon is a completely aesthetic redesign of the well-known garden hose with reel. It is practical and discrete and thanks to its color scheme it allows to either blend in or stand out in its surroundings.

 — Comment of the Henry van de Velde Label jury

A little extra

Companies that go after 'that little extra' are rare but at ZEE they carefully thought about the packaging too. Mirtoon comes wrapped in nicely designed cardboard boxes. That little extra is a cool carrier bag with handle that comes in handy for stowing away your hose during the winter season or for transport.


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