Mini House by Jonas Wagell

03 Oct 2012
  • posted by Veerle Pieters

After writing about the re-thinking of the classical cottage-box shape garden shed in the form of COTTAGE N°1 by De Castelli, it is time to go to the next level. Meet this modern prefab concept called Mini House after the jump.

A modern prefab concept

Mini House brings us to Sweden where many people own something near a lake. In 2008 the law changed and said that people are allowed to build homes up to 15m2 on their land without requiring a permit. With that in mind, this Mini House is a modern and functional pre-fabricated module house on 15m2 suited for both Summer and Winter living. Mini House also includes a 15m2 outdoor terrace with a pergola, clever design that extends the living area - all within the framework of the permit-free Swedish regulations.

Mini house is designed to be easy to build

The concept for this Mini House started as Master thesis at Konstfack University in 2007 and the first prototypes were built in 2010. Mini House is the brainchild of Swedish architect & designer Jonas Wagell. The flat-packed Mini House modules consist of prefabricated walls, framing, roofing and trim-less windows. Mini House can be constructed on-site in just two days.

Mini House is quicker to build than a regular house and consists of prefabricated modules and parts that can all be recycled or combusted.

 — Architect & designer Jonas Wagell
Customized add-ons

It is also possible to extend Mini House with a number of customized add-ons, such as a compact energy-efficient kitchen & bath module, a heater kit with chimney, a storage module and a solar power kit to provide electricity.

Mini House 2.0

Jonas Wagell is working on a bigger version in co-operation with the Swedish architectural studio Sommarnöjen. It will be available in sizes ranging from 15 to 70m2. Planned to arrive later this year in Sweden and the rest of Europe soon after they established a good routine.

Photos by Andy Liffner and Lars Petter Pettersen.